Celebrating this year's grants

Join us at a cathedral or abbey near you this Autumn to celebrate our life-changing funding

The Choir of St Davids Cathedral, Wales

Grant Celebrations 2023: Calendar

Our grant celebrations coincide with a choral service, so you can hear the fantastic choirs in action. The Trust's representative that will be present at each presentation is in brackets. Find out who's who. *Denotes a Church Choir Award grant.


  • Bath Abbey, 7 Sept at 5.30pm (Heather Morgan)
  • Southwark Cathedral, 10 Sept at 3pm (Jonathan Macdonald)
  • Bradford Cathedral, 17 Sept at 10.30am (Giverny McAndry)
  • Newcastle Cathedral, 17 Sept at 4pm (Victoria Eyre)
  • Sheffield Cathedral, 17 Sept at 4pm (Ben Phillips)
  • Carlisle Cathedral, 24 Sept at 10.30am (Rosemary Downey)
  • St Davids Cathedral, 24 Sept at 4pm (Heather Morgan)
  • Chester Cathedral, 25 Sept at 5.30pm (Rosemary Downey)


  • Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral, 1 Oct at 11.15am (Giverny McAndry)
  • Peterborough Cathedral, 6 Oct at 5.30pm (Lizzie Leather)
  • Portsmouth Cathedral, 8 Oct at 5.45pm (Gavin Ralston)
  • Newport Cathedral, 8 Oct at 4pm (Stuart Laing)
  • Ripon Cathedral, 14 Oct at 5.30pm (Lizzie Leather)
  • St Asaph Cathedral, 15 Oct at 3.30pm (Isobel Pinder)
  • Blackburn Cathedral, 15 Oct at 4pm (Heather Morgan)
  • Liverpool Cathedral, 21 Oct at 3pm (Gavin Ralston)
  • Coventry Cathedral, 22 Oct at 10.30am (Isobel Pinder)
  • Worcester Cathedral, 22 Oct at 10.30am (James Lancelot)
  • Inverness Cathedral, 22 Oct at 5.30pm (Robert Horton)


  • Derby Cathedral, 5 Nov at 10.45am (Sue Hind Woodward)
  • Southwell Minster, 5 Nov at 3.30pm (Sue Hind Woodward)
  • Ely Cathedral, 9 Nov at 5.30pm (Stuart Laing)
  • Winchester Cathedral, 14 Nov at 5.30pm (Isobel Pinder)
  • St Deiniol's Cathedral Bangor, 19 Nov at 11am (Mark Bellis)
  • Holy Trinity Church Coventry, 19 Nov at 11.15am (James Mustard)*
  • Hexham Abbey, 26 Nov at 10am (Isobel Pinder)
  • All Saints' Leamington Spa, 26 Nov at 10.30am (Giverny McAndry)*
  • Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, 26 Nov at 3pm (Gavin Ralston)


  • St Alphege Church Solihull, 3 Dec at 10.30am (Giverny McAndry)*
  • St Patrick's Church Huddersfield, 3 Dec at 11am (Rosemary Downey)*
  • St Mary's Cathedral Aberdeen, 10 Dec at 11am (Robert Horton)*
  • St George's Cathedral Southwark, 10 Dec at 12pm (Rupert Scarratt)*
  • St Thomas-on-The Bourne Farnham, 10 Dec at 6pm (Isobel Pinder)*

    Discover how the funds will be used by each place of worship in our full grants list.     

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