Canon Prof. Nicholas Orme

University of Exeter

Presenter Profile

Nicholas Orme is one of our leading historians. He has written more than thirty books on the religious and social history of England, including Medieval Children, Tudor Children, and Going to Church in Medieval England, which was shortlisted for the Wolfson History Prize.

Nicholas’s books will be available to purchase after his talk from the Yale University Press book stall.

A Very Short History of England’s Cathedrals

England’s sixty-two Anglican and Catholic cathedrals are some of our most iconic buildings, attracting millions of worshippers and visitors every year. Yet although much has been written about their architecture, there is no complete history of their life and activities. This is the first such book to provide one, stretching from Roman times to the present day.

The History of England’s Cathedrals explains where and why they were founded, who staffed them, and how their structures evolved. It describes their worship and how this changed over the centuries, their schools and libraries, and their links with the outside world.

Nicholas will introduce us to A Very Short History of England’s Cathedrals, highlighting important themes and episodes from AD 314 to the present day.

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