Find out what it is like to be a chorister or a choral or organ scholar. Learn more about cathedral music and where you can hear it, and what to expect if you are attending a service for the first time.

Becoming a chorister, choral or organ scholar

Singing in a cathedral, church or chapel choir is an enriching experience for children and young people. As well as developing great singing voices and performing in wonderful buildings, choristers and choral scholars have a lot of fun and build lifelong friendships. The skills they learn in the choir stand them in good stead throughout their education and later in life.

Organ scholarships provide an excellent opportunity for talented young organists to have regular access to a fine instrument and a chance to develop their skills as players. Many go on to become the next generation of professional musicians, but some retain their organ playing as a hobby and put the coordination and mental agility they have learned to good use in a range of other professions – from banker to airline pilot!

Here, you can find out more about what is involved in being a chorister or a scholar.

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