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July 8, 2020

Friends of Cathedral Music launches Cathedral Music Trust

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The Trustees of the Friends of Cathedral Music (FCM) are delighted to announce that they have formed a new charity, the Cathedral Music Trust.

The Trust will be a voice for cathedral music, upholding this integral part of the nation’s cultural heritage by campaigning on behalf of cathedral music and musicians, supporting cathedral choirs and choristers in need, and encouraging the pursuit of excellence in choral and organ music. Harry Christophers, CBE, founder and conductor of The Sixteen, has agreed to be the Trust’s first President.

The formation of the Trust has been made possible through the remarkable work of FCM which, since its launch in 1956, has given generous grants to Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals, church and collegiate chapel choirs in the UK and overseas, including more than £2 million in the past six years alone. It has also endowed places for choristers and strived to maintain the glorious cathedral tradition of choral worship.

Building on the work of FCM, the Trust’s aims are to increase public awareness and appreciation of cathedral music, support and encourage all those involved in making cathedral music, and extend its range of grants to individuals, choirs and choral foundations. It is especially committed to enabling children from a diverse range of backgrounds to experience the many benefits that come from being a chorister.

Existing Friends will become part of the Cathedral Music Trust, and continue to be known as Friends of Cathedral Music. The work of the Diamond Fund for Choristers, which operates under the patronage of HRH The Duchess of Gloucester, will continue as one of the Trust’s development activities. Professional staff have been appointed to help drive the Trust’s aims, broaden the range of its supporters and donors, and respond swiftly to challenges as they arise.

The UK’s cathedral choirs are performing to a higher standard and a wider audience than ever before. But they face huge challenges to maintain their long tradition of choral excellence, not least as we emerge from this pandemic crisis. The Cathedral Music Trust will be a strong and effective voice for all those who want to see cathedral music not just survive, but evolve and flourish.