Current Supporters

We acknowledge with thanks the following individuals and organisations who have made an invaluable contribution to Cathedral Music Trust and who continue to make what we do possible.

From early career training for choristers and organists to education and engagement programmes, to scholarship opportunities and advocacy work – thank you for your support.

  • Michael Antcliff

    Marcia Babington

    Revd Sarah Bourne

    David Bridges

    Michael Cooke

    Eric Merton Cox

    Stephen Crookes

    Robert Frier

    Rodney and Clarendon Gritten

    Julian Hardwick

    Edward and Rosemary Hart

    Sheila Kemp

    Dr James Lancelot

    Robin Lee

    Jonathan Macdonald

    Roddie and Kate MacLean

    Tom Hoffman MBE

    Iain Nisbet

    Martin Owen

    John Pettifer

    Denis Roberts

    David and Margaret Williamson

    And several anonymous supporters

  • Richard Moyse

    Richard Creed

    Jonathan Macdonald

    Christine Kilmister

    Julian Hardwick

    Iain Nisbet

    Lady Sarah Gough

    And several anonymous supporters

  • Jason Groves and Charles Owen

    Graham Robinson

    Margaret Davis

    Simon Hyslop

    Katherine Powell Rolph

    Dr Christopher White

    Richard Gabbertas

    John Meyrick-Thomas

    Professor John Penniston

    Nicholas Parry

    Gavin Ralston

    Joyce Smith

    Philip Shirtcliff

    Michael Wilson

    Susan Williams

    John Hamilton Wilsher

    Anne Wilson

    Anthony Biddle

    Michael and Ester Harries

    And several anonymous supporters

  • James Ainsworth

    Sooty Asquith

    Malcolm Beer

    Stephen Harland Buckle

    David Bridges

    Richard Baker

    Nathalia Britt

    John Bain

    Ann Bartleet

    Lindsey Cooper

    Lady Gillian Morton Curtis

    Kieran Cooper

    Geoffrey Dowling

    David Doggett

    Richard Duncan

    Kathleen Duncan

    John Ellis

    Thomas Edwards

    Martin Eldred

    Andrew Fairhead

    Professor Alison Firth

    Peter Hignett

    Dr Julian Holloway

    Alan Hodgetts

    Dr Philippa Hall

    Jill Harpham

    Roma Haigh

    Elizabeth Iles

    Mark Lawrence

    Janet Linington

    Jonathan Lancashire

    Michael Langton

    Patricia McLaren-Turner

    James McAndrew

    William Tell

    Dr and Mrs David King

    Ed Jones – 5294

    Diana Lazenby McLaren

     Julia MacKenzie

    Peter and Rosalind Allwood

    Moyra Skenfield

    Dr Simon Shorvon

    Sarah MacDonald

    Antony Timmins

    Revd Canon David Stone

    Revd Michael Windridge

    Lady Hilary Browne-Wilkinson

    Colin Dudgeon

    Dr Jenny McKay

    Andrew Nethsingha

    Ann Northy-Baker

    John and Katharine Parsons

    Dr Isobel Pinder

    John Rootes

    Robert Scott

    Timothy Storey

    John Saunders

    Professor John Saunders

    Mike Smyth

    Clive Stirling

    Revd Paul Towns

     Rob Uittenbosch

    Dr Elena Vivori

    Simon Webb

    Jo Windsor

    Brenda Wright

    Oliver Willmott

    Nigel and Pam Whitling

    Henrietta Fraser

    Nigel Brown

    Anna Phillips

    Neil Page

    Philippa Harrison

    Hilary Davies

    Keith Ross

    David Hedley Weait

    Anthony Bowles

    Patrick Stables

    Ginny Mackay

    Oliver Piper

    And several anonymous supporters

  • £500+ per year

    All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club

    Andrew Bird

    Bradley Upham

    Brereton Memorial Fund

    David Harman

    Dr Belinda Board

    Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc

    Edington Music Festival

    Eton College

    Friends of Schola Cantorum

    G J Ward Charitable Trust

    Hymns Ancient & Modern

    James Nye

    Maggie Ayers

    Malcolm Harrington

    Martin Stanford

    Michael Steen

    Sarah Salmon

    Scops Arts Trust

    Stephen Zinser

    Steve Martin

    The Atlas Fund

    The CPF Trust

    The George Cadbury Fund Ltd

    The Pamela Matthews Charitable Trust

    The Rainbow Dickinson Trust

    The Westminster Foundation

    The Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks

    Plus several anonymous supporters

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We are also grateful to all our anonymous supporters, Bronze Patrons and Friends – without whom, the Trust simply would not exist.

Details are updated periodically

We are grateful to everyone who has donated to Cathedral Music Trust in the last year and in previous years.

Cathedral Music Trust
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