Volunteer with Us

Our volunteers are a large, friendly team who share a passion for our great choral tradition, and play a vital role raising awareness and building support for sacred choral and organ music across the country.

Becoming a volunteer is a wonderful opportunity to share ideas with like-minded people, organise wonderful events, receive valuable work experience and support, and make new contacts and friends.

In my role as Regional Coordinator, I have the joy and privilege of being in regular contact with Local Ambassadors throughout the North and West of England, finding out about their area and diocese and supporting them in their roles. This in turn helps me to see the wider picture of life in Cathedrals in those areas and appreciate the differences and challenges they face. It is also really good to be able to use my experience of gatherings to assist with local events when they take place.

Rosemary Downey, Volunteer

Your commitment and what you get in return

The amount of time will vary throughout the year, but we expect a commitment of a few hours a week, with some busier and some quieter periods!

In return for your valuable help we aim to ensure that volunteering for the Trust is a fulfilling and worthwhile experience. You’ll have support from staff, trustees and fellow volunteers, with the opportunity to gain and develop skills and meet other cathedral music advocates. We’ll reimburse agreed out‐of‐pocket expenses – such as travel expenses – in accordance with our expenses policy.

We are committed to expanding the diversity of our volunteers, particularly with regard to gender, age, disability and ethnicity.

Can I apply for more than one role?


Many of our current volunteers combine their role as Local Ambassador or Regional Coordinator with being a member of the Events Working Group. Additionally, we would welcome those wishing to commit more time to apply for a combined role of Local Ambassador and Regional Coordinator.

Volunteer Roles

  • Our Local Ambassadors play a vital role ensuring that cathedral music is well-supported locally, by organising events in their local cathedrals and churches, and promoting the work of Cathedral Music Trust.

    What will you do as a Local Ambassador?

    • Spread the word about the work of Cathedral Music Trust in your local area
    • Lead on the organisation of Cathedral Music Trust events in your local cathedrals and churches (ideally at least one event every two years)
    • Encourage your networks to support our events and get behind our campaigns
    • Encourage your networks to join Cathedral Music Trust by becoming Friends and Patrons
    • Be a positive advocate for sacred choral music in your local cathedral/church through regular attendance at events and services, and by keeping in touch with clergy and musicians
    • Contribute features and articles from time to time for inclusion on our website, social media channels and publications
    • Respond actively and in a timely manner to email enquiries
    • Attend quarterly online meetings to share learning and experiences and discuss how we can work together to better promote cathedral music
    • Have regular communication with our highly engaged Board of Trustees, Regional Coordinators and Development team.
  • Our Regional Coordinators are the main point of contact for our network of Local Ambassadors. In their roles, they support our network of Local Ambassadors throughout the UK.

    What will you do as a Regional Coordinator?

    • Keep in close touch with Local Ambassadors in their region through emails, phone calls and meetings, including virtual meetings, and help to ensure everyone feels supported and engaged
    • Encourage Local Ambassadors in their roles promoting Cathedral Music Trust in their local community and recruiting new Friends and Patrons
    • Advise and support Local Ambassadors in the organisation of events in their local community, reporting to the Events Working Group which meets quarterly
    • Have regular communication with our highly engaged Board of Trustees and Development team
    • Work closely with the Development team to recruit new Local Ambassadors, especially in areas where we do not have a current volunteer. This involves answering any questions about the role from potential volunteers, undertaking informal interviews together with a member of staff from the Development Team and helping induct new recruits into their roles.
  • Our Events Working Group leads on the organisation of events for Cathedral Music Trust, including local and national gatherings.

    What will you do as a member of our Events Working Group?

    • Contribute to the Trust’s evolving event programme, which aims to promote sacred choral music and raise vital funds for the charity
    • Help to plan and deliver events and activities to raise funds and awareness
    • As agreed with the Chair of the Events Working Group in liaison with the Development Team, take the lead on the organisation of specific events on behalf of the Trust. Tasks vary from event to event, and can include any of the following:
      • Designing and planning events, in liaison with cathedral and churches
      • Agreeing budgets and ticket prices with the Development team
      • Securing speakers, performances and behind-the-scenes tours
      • Promoting the event through your networks
      • Ensuring Health and Safety and Safeguarding regulations are adhered to in line with the Trust’s policies and procedures
      • Ensuring our events are inclusive, and follow the Trust’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion guidelines
      • Support the delivery of the event on the day including meeting and greeting and ensuring the activities run smoothly
    • Attend the Events Working Group meetings on a quarterly basis.

Applying to be a volunteer

Complete application form

Complete our online application form which will be acknowledged by the team on submission.

Application reviewed by team

We will be in touch if we have any questions and to let you know what happens next.

Invitation to interview

This is an informal online meeting usually held using Microsoft Teams.


A decision will be communicated by email indicating what happens next.

Sign volunteer agreement

We will refer you to relevant information for our volunteers.

Welcome to the team!

We’ll be in touch with the next steps.


Things you need to know

Volunteers need basic IT skills, a love for cathedral music, excellent communication skills, energy and time! We’ll provide a volunteer handbook to support you in your role.

As these are formal volunteer roles, you will need to sign and abide by our volunteer agreement. Our volunteers need to be able to use a Cathedral Music Trust email address (which you will be given on appointment) and be confident accessing meetings online.

Appointment to a volunteer role is for up to three years in the first instance, extendable by up to three further years upon mutual agreement.

Get in touch

Please email [email protected] or call us on 0203 151 6096 for further information.