Supporting the Workforce

Through this stream of our Cathedral Music Support Programme, we want to help choral foundations increase the impact of their work by supporting new and existing professional roles. We will consider applications for posts which maintain the status quo, and those which allow a choral foundation to enhance or expand its current provision, either through a new, sustainable post, or by increasing the hours of an existing post. Examples include:

  • Support for professionalising a volunteer back row
  • Administration support for music departments
  • Support for providing chorister chaperones to fulfil safeguarding responsibilities
  • Support for a musician to work on community engagement projects, an Assistant Director of Music or Assistant Organist

Please note, we will not support applications for the salaries of Directors of Music.

A good application will…

Demonstrate why the post is needed, showing how the role will benefit the department as a whole

Include a short job description for the role, including details of hours and remuneration

Demonstrate the steps that can be taken to sustain the role beyond the life of the project

Include a contribution of at least 10% of the total cost of the role