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Here you can discover what it is like to be a chorister or a choral or organ scholar. Find out more about this history of choral services and where you can hear cathedral music and what to expect if you are attending a choral service for the first time.

Becoming a chorister

An introduction to life as a chorister and where to find out more

Becoming a choral scholar

Singing in a cathedral or chapel choir is a wonderful opportunity for university and gap-year students. Find out more.

Becoming an organ scholar

Interested in how to obtain an organ scholarship? Find out more.

Want to hear choirs sing?

How to find choral services and concerts

Choral Services 

Matins...Evensong...Compline: an introduction to the most common choral services

New to cathedral music?

Find out out what to expect at a service


A guide to cathedral-music terminology